How Hypnosis Can Help With Challenging Life Changes

By Gwenn Henkel CMH, MH

 There is no denying that we are faced with some very challenging times right now.  Many businesses have closed, homes are in foreclosure, and countless numbers of people are looking for new jobs when few are available.  Our unemployment in California right now is at 10.1%.  The last time it was this serious was Feb. 1983 when it was at 11.0%.  A hypnotherapist friend of mine in England told me that our recession has reached his town and that 25% of the businesses have closed!

This makes life very stressful indeed.  If you have been in the same job for many years, and suddenly the business is closed or downsized, and suddenly you are out of a job, it can bring up a lot of fear and uncertainty.  When was the last time you had to update your resume?  When was the last time you had to LOOK for a job?  How old are you now?  How many people are looking at the same job, causing you to second guess your own abilities now?  Even just thinking about these questions can cause your energy to spiral down.  It can feel hopeless and overwhelming. 

Here’s what begins to happen.  The more you hear and read about how bad things are in the economy, how many people are out of work, and how many businesses are closing, it begins to bring you down energetically.  Every thing is energy, even you.  Science 101: we are all energy slowed down to matter.  We learned this as children, and forgot about it. We emit energy.  Our THOUGHTS are energy!  They do not bounce back and forth between our ears as you might think.  Thoughts are the most powerful tools we actually have.  What you focus your attention on, you energize.  It’s the law of attraction.

Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to draw good stuff to them?  It’s because they are clear about what they want, and expect that it will happen.  There is no doubt that it will not.  They do not live in negative thoughts.  They know it doesn’t feel good either. You can’t have a thought without a physiological response.  When your thoughts are low vibrational, it begins to show up in your body with illness.

In Lynn Grabhorn’s book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!  The astonishing power of feelings,  she teaches us about how our thoughts create our lives.She personally gave me permission to teach classes from her book. I felt so very privileged to have had this personal connection with her.

So just to break the book down to something that you can begin to use in your life right now, I’m going to share with you what to do in order to begin using your thoughts to create a new job, new home, relationship, more money, better health and whatever it is that you wish to bring to you.

First of all, let’s just focus on a new job, since that might be something that you are dealing with right now.  I want you to make a list of all the things that you DO NOT WANT in your new job.  Once you have the DO NOT WANT list, then it will be very clear to you as to what you DO want.  So there is your next task, write the list of your DO WANTS in your new ideal job.  Then all you have to do is see and FEEL yourself in this new space!  Literally FEEL it as you imagine the perfect place for you to be working.  Now I don’t mean that you are saying a specific place, but rather the perfect setting.  The kind of people you want around you, the money you want to make, doing what ever it is that your heart desires to do!  And then just expect it to happen.  That’s right. Just expect it.  But you must continue to see and FEEL the final outcome.  You can do this process with any category in your life.

Just a few years ago, I worked with a man who was not happy at all in his current job.  He was a Stanford graduate with huge potential, but he really hated his job.  Because of how low his energy was about his job, no matter how qualified he was for it, he didn’t make much money.  He was miserable.  So we worked on him getting in touch with his feelings.  A lot of times, men are taught to not show feelings or be in touch with them.  He admitted he was not in touch with his feelings at all. As we worked on that, I asked him what his heart’s desire was.  He said he knew that he wanted to be doing something that would help mankind.  He knew he was drawn to doing something for the earth.  His current job didn’t have a thing to do with helping the planet and this certainly explained why he didn’t do well in that job. His energy wasn’t there for it.

After writing his DON’T WANTS and his DO WANTS list, I used hypnosis for him to truly get in touch with his feelings about this new job.  Even though he had no idea what that job would be, the final outcome he wanted would be that he and his family were very happy and he was fully contributing to their well- being with his highly paid new job that had to do with helping the planet.  The hypnosis helped him to continue to FOCUS on the feelings of his dream job, and keep himself in a state of high vibrational energy to bring his perfect job to him.

It wasn’t too long before sure enough, the perfect job came along where he was allowed to do exactly what he wanted to do, help mankind and the planet, and not only that, the company gave him a new Hybrid car and a high-paying position!  He was making more than twice his previous income and he was a new man!  His focus on the end result being his family was very happy and he was really contributing financially to their well being, was now being lived and not just imagined.

Lynn Grabhorn passed away a few years back, but her theory of law of attraction has continued through other writers.  Doreen Banaszak has also published, Excuse Me, Your Life is NOW!  It is a great book and she tells how Lynn’s book helped change her life and she shares the stories of so many others too.

Hypnosis helps us to find the root cause of our self-defeating thoughts and feelings, so that we can disconnect them, and move on to our fullest potential. It can help us let go of the old fears and false beliefs that we may have learned in our youth. 

Find out how Hypnosis can help you. Don’t wait to, “CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY CHANGING YOUR MIND!”

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