It is not only a workout facility, it's a whole wellness program.

“I’ve been doing Brien’s bootcamp for a month and a half now and I absolutely LOVE it there.  I have been a member at Pacific Sports Resort for 8 years and have dropped my membership because it cannot even compare to Brien’s bootcamp.  I have learned more about nutrition in the past 6 weeks than I’ve ever learned.  It is not only a workout facility, it’s a whole wellness program.  I have met some of the most real people there, as it’s not a social scene, it’s a place for working out and bettering yourself.  The workouts are amazing, I’ve never done the same workout twice.  Brien’s knowledge is phenomenal and I am forever hooked.”

Colleen T.

San Carlos, CA


For more info on the program and to sign up for the 21 day rapid fat loss program àt www.Shamp’sBootCamps.com