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Do you ever question the IQ of your kid’s? Maybe they need some healthy fish, free of mercury, hormones and antibiotics? Check out this interview with Dr. Joe Hibbeln, MD of NIH with Harvard’s Dariush Mozaffarian, PhD at the 2005 Seafood & Health Conference (Source: Vital Choice)

The February 17, 2007 issue of Newsweek magazine featured this interview with Dr. Joe Hibbeln, concerning his landmark 2007 Lancet study on the rewards of seafood for mothers and children:

Newsweek: You found that women needed to eat more than 12 ounces of seafood per week to see beneficial effects on their children’s development. Isn’t that a lot of fish?
Dr. Hibbeln: It depends on where you live. If you’re in Iceland, that’s lunch.

Newsweek: But for many American women, doesn’t 12 ounces sound huge?
Dr. Hibbeln: That would be two or three fish meals a week.

Newsweek: What about taking omega-3 supplements instead of eating an actual fish?
Dr. Hibbeln: This study looks only at seafood. Now there is separate data from other studies that have fairly consistently and uniformly showed benefits when pregnant women take supplements.

Newsweek: Is the actual fish better than any supplements?
Dr. Hibbeln: It’s likely to be better.

Newsweek: How did the FDA and EPA get it so wrong?
Dr. Hibbeln: That’s not really something that is part of this manuscript. I think it is best said that these data indicate that the toxic effects of mercury may have been overestimated in relationship to the nutritional benefits of seafood.

Newsweek: Will the FDA and EPA change their guidelines?
Dr. Hibbeln: We as scientists at the NIH aren’t trying to get them to do anything. ¦ We’ve assessed the advisory, and we’ve concluded that the advisory causes the harm it intended to prevent.

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P.S. To review the study by Hibbeln go to: Maternal seafood consumption in pregnancy and neurodevelopmental outcomes in childhood (ALSPAC study): an observational cohort study

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