More Motivated From Burlingame Boot Camp

“I purchased a promotion through Sweet Jack last month it was a 21 day boot camp promotion. I really, really loved getting up early and going three days a week to the Burlingame location. I think Tonya, the coach for the Burlingame location is awesome. I loved the music she played. A mixture of old school beat and present dance music. All good. I loved the energy in the class and the people I met. Unfortunately, I am currently unemployed and cannot join as a member just yet. Once I get a job and get some money, I will consider joining. Most important, it was motivating, and I make sure to do some type of workout activity at home or outside. I also attend a yoga class 5 days a week. I met some great people, in fact I do a walk and jog/run once a week with several of the ladies from the Burlingame location. Since I attended the boot camp, I definitely am more motivated to working out every day or almost everyday. If you haven’t tried this boot camp and are interested, definitely do it. I honestly think it is worth it. Cheers!” Liz D. 

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