Word of the Week: MOVE

The word of the week is MOVE. The body is meant to move.

Most suffer the consequences of NOT moving in the “new world”- SITTING.

An analysis of 13 studies of sitting time and activity levels found that those who sat for more than 8 hours a day with no physical activity had a risk of dying similar to the risks of dying posed by obesity and smoking (Mayo Clinic, 2020).

Excessive Sitting Had Been Linked To:

    • Increases blood pressure*
    • High blood sugar*
    • Excess body fat around the waist*
    • Abnormal cholesterol levels* 
    • *Metabolic Syndrome*
    • Cardiovascular Disease 
    • Cancer

The good news…Analysis of data from more than 1 million people found 60 to 75 minutes of moderately intense physical activity a day countered the effects of too much sitting!!!

The side effects of the right movement program are healthy joints, strong bones, physical strength, good circulation; including cardiovascular circulation, good coordination and reflex reactivity; improved learning skills and concentration, mental well-being, ease of daily activities and ageless living.

Without movement we deteriorate, but its a slow death.

Movement is Primal Need #7 because more than anything else it will improve your mental-emotional state and when you are in the right mental-emotional state everything in your life will be better. The next time you are feeling any negative emotion (fear, depression, anger, doubt, worry, etc.) move your body. Even better…combine your movement with music that you enjoy!

Who’s up for a Movement Challenge this week?

  • Good: Consider creating some new healthy rituals to get more movement.
  • Better: Do better today than yesterday for meeting your movement needs.
  • Best: Accumulate way more than 30 minutes of movement per day, BUT listen to your body’s clues. Perform exercises to enhance Mobility (Self-Massage, Stretching), Posture, Strength & Power, Balance and Agility.

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