Nuts for Nuts

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If you are into raw foods, supporting your thyroid, improving your digestion, and avoiding food allergies check out the article below on nuts. It reviews the value of nuts and the importance of sprouting. Given we test for food allergies, almost everyone we see has a problem with nuts. This is because nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that neutralize the enzymes your body uses for digestion. Roasted nuts only make things worse. I would say that we see 3/4 people tested with nut allergies.You may think an allergy is hives, closing of the throat and other obvious symptoms. You are correct, but did you know symptoms of allergies are also weight gain, bloating, fatigue, gas and a hundred more symptoms. The best thing to do is contact me about a food elimination/detox program or food allergy testing at [email protected]

However, if you sprout your nuts as indicated in the article below, in addition to rotating the nuts and other foods you eat so you do not eat the same foods everyday, you shoud be healthy and fit.

Enjoy the article: http://www.jigsawhealth.com/articles/organic_sprouted_nuts_seeds.html

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