Pain Management Product Support

Below I did an interview with the rep from Metagenics on pain management support.

If you are taking advil, aspirin and tylenol, please stop as this will cause you major long term damage and even short time you are slowing down the healing process and creating lot’s of stress on your digestive function and liver 

There is another way!

Many ways actually….

Listen to the interview for more.

*Always consult your physician prior to stopping prescribed medications

Products talked about in interview:

Inflavanoid Intensive Care: https://bshamp.metagenics.com/inflavonoid-intensive-care

SPM Active Formula: https://bshamp.metagenics.com/spm-active

EPA/DHA 720: https://bshamp.metagenics.com/omegagenics-epa-dha-720

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We now have the assistance of the following health care practitioners in our program that can help you with acute and long term injuries/pain:

Chiropractor- Dr. Drew Vercellino coaches each Saturday at the Burlingame/San Mateo Location: He is coaching the first 2 boot camps, followed by the Foundations Session: https://brienshamp.com/foundations/ and the NEW Next Level Ketlebell Program.

Chiropractor Dr. John Luu is now assisting our boot camp program and is an Accountability Coach for the 6 week challenge.

Chiropractor Dr. Amie Gregory has been assisting our boot camp program for a while now.

Physical Therapist- Lori Metroka Yu is assisting our boot camp program and has a specialty in pelvic floor/core dysfunction.

So happy to have the above practitioners involved with our program. If they happen to correct you in a boot camp session please note they are there to help you 

Your friend & coach,


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