“I just completed the 6 week challenge and have lost 19 lbs and 5.6% body fat! I have done different work outs and diet fads in the past- beach body, 21 day fix, P90x, etc etc.. but this workout has actually successfully worked for me! I will continue to work out and have this life style change here indefinitely!

Everyone is super helpful and approachable, which is why I chose to come here in the first place and am glad I did.

The coaches here are awesome! They definitely focus on getting you to do the workouts correctly so you won’t hurt yourself and you do them for maximum burn!

Leslie’s workouts and they are so fun and she is such a funny coach that you don’t even realize you’re working out!

If you want to work up a sweat and have a challenging, yet rewarding workout Rolo is for sure a must!

Bintu is amazing and adds a little twists and dance routines to her workouts and I definitely enjoy her leg workouts as well!

I enjoy Cheryls workouts because she does an all around workout which hits all different parts of your body and she is suchhh a nice person to feel comfortable asking anything!

I haven’t been able to attend the other workouts, but since I plan on staying with this bootcamp for a long time Im sure they are all great in their own way.

Another BIG component to my success is having that accountability coach. Coach Katie was a tremendous help in my 6 week challenge by making sure I was eating the right foods and giving tips here and there to help me do my best. Thanks Katie!!

Im glad I found this place, it definitely changed my perspective and just losing weight, to making a lifestyle change in eating, sleeping, getting fir and overall better health for life. That in itself is priceless. Thanks Brien”

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