Reclaim Your Marriage

 You may be thinking… “what does marriage have to do with weight and fat loss”, my typical email headlines.

Well, a lot really!

Achieving your ideal weight, body fat percentage, health and vitality is directly related to all the stressors or load you are able to handle in your life.

If the stress or load is light for you or you deal with stress well given you have acquired good tools for dealing with stress (meditation, exercise, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, hypnotherapy, supplementation, etc.), you are most likely doing a good job of balancing your hormones.

Optimal hormonal balance = lower body fat, reduced inflammation, good sleep, happiness, health and vitality.

Make sense?

My goal is to help my coaching clients reduce stressors in their life and bring awareness to the great tools out there to deal with stress.

I generally focus on reducing stressful foods & toxic chemicals and eating healthy, energetic foods because it is the easiest way to reduce physiological stress and creates FAST change.

I also help my clients structurally by improving posture and breathing more efficiently through exercises and awareness. Did you know your posture and how you are sitting right now can increase stress to your body?

If your head and shoulders are forward and your spine is rounded, you are not able to take deep diaphragmatic breaths. Shallow, chest breathing leads to compensatory breathing, tight neck muscles, teeth grinding, increased heart rates and faster breather rates. All of this will increase stress and create problems for hormonal balance.

This weekend I went to Open Door Church in San Mateo (a satellite of Menlo Presbyterian in Menlo Park) and heard Pastor John Ortberg and Rick Blackmon (PhD in Clinical Psychology) speaking about marriage and relational repair and recovery.

Damaging words to a loved one without repair and recovery can create relational stress. Relational stress can occur in all relationships, so you don’t need to be married.

Rick says the biggest obstacle to have a great relationship is dealing with differences. I have never thought about that before.

Whether or not, you are Christian or married, I think you can get a good message from this 31 minute talk–>
Reclaim Your Marriage

“Why do people who love each other do and say suck reckless things?”

“…be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…” James 1:19

My wife, Chris had bird brain just the other day 🙂 This will make sense if you listen here: Reclaim Your Marriage

Let me know what you think of the talk.

Your friend & coach,


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