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This is why I do what I do…

Wanted to share this with you all, shout out to all of the people who have positively impacted my life these last couple months!

I’ve been attending Brien’s Boot Camp classes since mid September. At the time I had just moved to the Bay and was looking for a workout routine that was challenging but flexible enough to work with my schedule. I did some research and found a 6 week program on Brien’s website. Because of the high variety in class times and locations and the short trial offer, I decided this was the perfect option as it allowed me to test if this style of class would be a good fit for my life.

Before starting, I was confident in my athletic ability. Although I had a goal to get in better shape I felt I needed an intense workout that pushed me to new boundaries. As soon as a signed up I was given a plethora of guides, that provided useful information on how to eat clean, set goals and gain energy. Brien and his team are extremely educated and experienced and can answer and support your personal nutrition and activity questions. No matter your goal, Brien and his team provide you with the means and tools to reach it.

The most important factor for me was the classes. I have participated in numerous types of fitness forums but I tend to get bored and unmotivated pretty easily. Coming from an athletic background I felt I could handle a high workload. I’ve tried spin, yoga, crossfit, and Orangetheory and Brien’s classes by far triumph all.

I have yet to be disappointed by a Bootcamp class at Brien’s gym. Each class differs from the last, and the variety between cardio, weights, and free movements will push your limits, allowing you to reach new fitness levels you never thought you would be able to accomplish.

After only a couple months, I’ve been completely integrated in the gym community and there is never a day where I am not welcomed, pushed and fulfilled. My mood is completely transformed as soon as I walk into the gym, and I can always count on leaving with a stronger, and more positive mindset than I came in with. These last couple months I’ve become healthier and happier and I can’t thank Brien, the coaches and other members enough. I’m looking forward to growing even further, and I highly recommend giving Brien’s gym a try as it can change your entire outlook on life.

– Samantha

Thank you Samantha!

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Your friend & coach,


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