Sleeping too little may raise risk of heart disease

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The study below is yet another that demonstrates that we need our sleep. Although this study used the elderly as subjects we all need our sleep. It is common for us to justify less sleep with our busy lives now days. Do the best you can to get 8 hours sleep during the summer months and 9 hours sleep during the winter months when daylight is shorter. According to the light-dark cycles of the day and night we should be rising when the sun comes up and relaxing as the sun goes down. Cortisol (stress hormone) should be highest in the morning to get us going and melatonin (sleep hormone) should be elevated in the evening. Given the increased amount of energy we have in the morning with the rise of cortisol we should be exercising in the morning given our hormonal levels are balanced. If you are hitting the snooze alarm at 6 am or waking up prior to this time exhausted it is a good sign your hormones are not balanced with resulting fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure and more. If you can relate to this we can help bring balance back. Contact us for a Free Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Session so we can create a plan together.

See the article here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081110/hl_nm/us_sleep_japan_1

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