Solo Lost Over 100 Pounds and Has A Dream!

Solo Lost Over 100 Pounds and Has A Dream!


“Life is Pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something” (The Princess bride)

Workout is Pain. And then again, Not working out causes more pain. But in a structured environment with many “regular” folks attending..it seems to lessen the blow. I am definitely a workout rookie..I hate gyms..don’t go to gyms..But i just completed 3 classes of Brien’s Boot camp and I am actually going back.

“28 months ago, I started a health journey that took me from 357 lbs to 237 lbs…naturally..the hard way. eating healthy and moving..I have been doing well until the “old” habits reared their ugly heads..i got off track about 5-6 months ago..and gained back 35 lbs. I needed structure and a good “kick” in the rear so I went looking for classes..I found Brien’s Boot Camps and I believe THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK…Since the 1st class, I have been sore everyday of the week..BUT good hurt.

Looking forward to continuing and reclaiming “My Lost real estate” and getting back on track to running lighter and hopefully qualifying for Boston when I turn 50 in 5 years…Gotta Dream! Thanks Brien and your Team for such a great Program!” Solo


For information on Boot Camp Programs go to: www.ShampsBootCamps.com