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“In my life I’ve run across two great personal trainers/coaches/fitness/­lifestyle/nutrition coaches. Brien is one of these two greats. He knows his stuff, and lives it — it’s his passion. Not just exercise, but everything, what it takes to live a healthy, strong physical/mental life you love. He’s no gym rat or exercise nut. His approaches can help you integrate healthful, holistic habits into your life in practical ways that work and fit your budgets for time and money.

His boot camp is awesome. It will improve your strength, cardio, endurance, flexibility, nueromuscular development, reflexes, coordination, body awareness. You’ll feel great about yourself, and look great, too.

Want to lose weight? Brien’s got a program for that, to be sure, but he can go way beyond that if that’s what you want. It’s entirely up to you. He has a range of programs for specific issues and can craft one, consult one-on-one with you, for your specific needs.

Brien has a network of health professionals you can access, and has invested his whole life into learning and putting into practice systematic ways to get a great physical life. Brien is one of those rare people who is upbeat, compassionate — super talented and deeply committed. This is a calling for Brien; he’s got that ‘something’ and everyone knows it, feels it, is inspired by it, by Brien and his team of trainers. He can make a vital difference in your life, and in so doing, in the life of your loved ones and friends.

Sign up for one of his classes (now!), and consider gifting a program to someone you care about. Engage his consulting. Take advantage of his knowledge and contacts. It’s transforming. Physically, mentally, spiritually.”

If you have been trying to get healthy and fit on your own and you are now ready to allow us to help you, we are ready to coach you to success.

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