Super Size Me – Fastfood Test. You Have Got To See The Test!

Hi everyone,

Did you see the movie, “Supersize Me?” If you didn’t you must! There are some extra scenes when you rent or buy the movie that are a must see. They do a test to see how long the French fries last and they find that they are unchanged in the visual appearance with over 2 months of observation. How do the fries withstand time? What is happening when you consume these and other processed foods?

If you are still eating processed foods and wonder why you can’t lose weight, have low energy, pain and stress look at the chemicals on the packages of the foods you are consuming.

Most think they are eating healthy even if they consume foods at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. If the food has a label it probably isn’t that great for you. How do you know? Look at the label and see what is preserving the food so it stays on the shelf. Not a week goes by where someone says their breakfast is healthy and they proceed to tell me they are eating a Kashi Cereal. Who said Kashi was good for you? I used to eat it and as soon as I learned more about it and stopped, so did my gas and bloating. We have observed the same thing with many others as well. Most cereals are highly processed as are most of the foods we are eating. Just because you are not eating McDonalds doesn’t mean your diet is not processed. Be careful what you eat. You will look and feel your very best when you eat what your body operates best on.

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