Suzette Is Hooked On Shamp's Boot Camps!

“I recently encountered Brien Shamp’s Fit Body Boot Camp through a Living Social opportunity, and I’m hooked! I’m just bursting at the seams to share this information with everyone I know, and I thought a Yelp review wasn’t enough — a wider audience needs to know about how great Brien’s boot camp really is.

For some time I have been hesitant to venture into making a commitment to a boot camp type of program.  In my mind, I had visions of a drill sergeant belting out impossible commands, and a large group of fit young athletic types who I would be hard pressed to keep up with (hence losing interest and dropping out). But while reading about the program, I thought this might be something that could work for me.  My search was more about health and fitness, and this is exactly what Brien Shamp is all about.  In his words, “The key to fat loss is what you are eating, your lifestyle, and achieving daily exercise.”

Brien is very welcoming. He takes the time to find out what you are looking for and what your level of experience is.  He provides modifications to all the exercises and routines that best fit your level of strength and stamina.  He explains what we are working on and how it will benefit each target area. Brien brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge not only in the physical fitness arena but as a nutrition and lifestyle coach. Plus, he is very motivating — I am not much of a morning person, but when my alarm goes off early, I want to get up and show up, and I feel great after I do!

The boot camp attendees include a wide range of people from all ages and athletic abilities. Everyone is very pleasant and welcoming and willing to work in small groups — nobody makes anyone feel left out.  There are two new sites opening up after the new year, one in Redwood City and one in South City. Right now, Brien has a great promotion going on, so please do yourself the favor of checking out his website and look at all he has to offer:  www.Shamp’sBootCamps.com

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