The Solution: Resistance Training

Source: Optimal Fitness Newsletter April 16th 2007

You have probably heard about the many benefits of resistance training. Here are just a few:

1. Increase in muscle strength
2. Injury prevention
3. Improved bone density

But what about F.A.T. B.U.R.N.? Here are the two reasons that resistance training is the most effective way to B.U.R.N. F.A.T.

1. Oxygen Debt
Now I know debt isn’t usually a word that we enjoy¦but in this case I’m sure you will agree that it’s a great thing. Resistance training puts your body into oxygen debt which means you will B.U.R.N. F.A.T. as you recover from your workout. And this effect can last quite awhile – studies have shown an increase in calorie burning for up to three days following a resistance training workout.

2. Lean Tissue Burns More
The other way that F.A.T. B.U.R.N. is accomplished with resistance training is through an increase in your resting metabolism. You see, lean tissue (muscle) requires many more calories each day than fatty tissue. In fact, one pound of muscle burns 30-50 calories each day at rest – compared to a measly 9 calories per pound of fat.

When you perform resistance training exercises your body composition will change to contain more lean tissue, thus resulting in extra calories burned while you sleep. What could be better than that?

Resistance training is truly worth your time – talk about an exercise that keeps on giving.

Wouldn’t you love to reap the rewards of a solid resistance training program by waking up slimmer every morning? I love nothing more than to see my clients achieve awesome results – clients just like you, who decided to change their shape forever by giving me a call.

Do something nice for yourself – contact me today – together we will turn you into a F.A.T.B.U.R.N.I.N.G. machine.

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