Tomorrow's Dentistry Today New Technologies are Changing Dentistry Forever

Marcos & Marcos DDS in San Carlos is our preferred partner for Dentistry. Please see the article below which will explain why they are cutting edge and why you should consider them if you live in the Bay Area. I switched to Dr. Carliza after years of the same treatments with the same outdated assessments. If your Dentist believes that mercury is not that bad for you, I suggest finding a new dentist. For more information on the dangers of mercury go to: Mercury. I your dentist says that there is nothing wrong with fluoride, I would suggest a new dentist. For more information on the dangers of fluoride go to: Fluoride. If your Dentist talks about bacteria in your mouth, but doesn’t explain the influence of sugar, grains, overall diet and probiotics, I would recommend a new dentist before it is too late. You will spend a lot of money with an old-school dentist who doesn’t understand the holistic nature of their work.

Check out the article on Marcos & Marcos:

San Carlos, CA Laser precise cavity detection, metal-free all-porcelain crowns in one visit, and a live mouth tour is not a crystal ball prediction, it’s today’s computer dentistry. Dr. Carliza Marcos or as her team and patients refer to her ,”Dr. Carliza”, has incorporated the best modern technologies into her  practice, and is transforming the dental experience by decreasing chair time, more accurately diagnosing tooth decay, and engaging her patients with interactive educational presentations. My practice is definitely a model of future dentistry with computer-driven advanced technology in spa comfort, comments Dr. Carliza Marcos. The patients really like the interactive technologies that help them to see and understand their specific oral health concerns and all of our time-saving advancements.

To offer her patients tomorrow’s dentistry today in the heart of historic San Carlos, Dr. Carliza masterfully balances her practice schedule, high-tech study groups, plus advanced training courses in aesthetics, endodontics, and smile makeovers. Dr. Carliza has made significant investments in the latest state-of-the-art technologies including, CEREC (Cad-Cam porcelain restorations), Digital Photography and Digital Radiography; Advanced Laser Periodontal Treatment; ZOOM!2 Advanced Power Whitening, Invisalign Orthodontics (invisible braces); and EndoSequence Rotary Nickle-Titanium Endodontic System.

At an early age, Dr. Carliza aspired to following in her mother’s footsteps, a successful San Francisco dentist for over three decades. Growing up I spent plenty of time in my Mom’s dental office, so I have a good understanding of how these computer-based dental tools have improved dental diagnostics and care, notes Dr Carliza Marcos.

With medical advisories now linking oral health to heart disease, diabetes, and even pancreatic cancer, more people are actively seeking out comprehensive dental care that includes new technologies. According to an American Dental Association 2003 survey, 40 percent of Americans polled listed new technology as a factor that would make them more likely to see a dentist.

So how does this computerized dental technology benefit the patient? Dr. Carliza sees many positive outcomes and sites five examples:

 1. Time-saving one appointment restorations- Dr. Carliza purchased CEREC, an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, to cut down on multiple visits. How does it work? Dr. Carliza takes a precise digital image of the tooth, avoiding the traditional physical impression. This optical impression is transferred and displayed on a color computer screen. She then designs the restoration by 3D CAD technology. Then CAM takes over and automatically creates the beautiful new porcelain restoration that will be bonded on the patients tooth. 

2. Dramatically lowers radiation exposure- By using Digital x-ray Photography and Digital Radiography, the team at Dr. Carliza’s office lower their patients radiation exposure by at least 70%. These Digital X-rays replace the uncomfortable bite films with a small, less intrusive sensor. They also transmit the X-ray image almost instantly onto a computer screen for the patient and the dentist to see–a significant upgrade from looking at a small piece of film. Another advantage is that these images can be emailed if referrals are required.

 3. No more sticky cavity speculation With the Diagnodent laser, Dr. Carliza scans the tooth structure with a harmless laser light, detecting sub-surface cavities. It’s 90 percent accurate, whereas traditional X-rays are 67 percent accurate. The device grades the lesion using a numeric scale, eliminating probe poking to find sticky spots that might indicate decay.

 4. Invisible, removable braces called Invisalign- Dr. Carliza likes this orthodontic program with 3D future smile animation because it allows patients to design their smile and then straighten their teeth without obvious or permanent hardware that might alter their look or speech. With Invisalign Orthodontics, patients wear a series of clear, removable aligners created with precision computer mapping and designed to gradually move teeth. The average treatment time is about a year.

 5. Two-way interactive education and consultation-. Voice-recognition software for periodontal probing and a digital intra-oral camera gives the patients a live “tour” of their mouth during their initial comprehensive exam visit. Roughly the size of a marker, the camera can take close-up shots of teeth and instantly display them on a monitor. She also uses PowerPoint software with digital photography to educate patients while they develop a mutually accepted treatment plan.

 Another sign that Dr. Carliza is running a progressive practice is that her office is practically paperless. With the exception of signed consent and registration forms, paper has been replaced with computers. With an e-claim system, dental insurance billing is more accurate and claim processing is much faster.

 Dr. Carliza Marcos established Marcos & Marcos DDS with her brother and partner, Dr. Anthony Marcos, in 2005 amid the old world charm of the Hacienda Gardens at 1375-A San Carlos Avenue in San Carlos, CA. Their patients rest comfortably in a soothing stress free environment complete with paraffin hand waxing, herbal eye pack, aroma therapy, and a great menu of DVD movies and music.

 About Carliza Marcos, DDS

 Dr. Carliza Marcos, a 1992 graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, has completed hundreds of hours of advanced aesthetic and implant training with world renowned dental experts. She is active in her local dental society and has served on numerous committees for the San Francisco Dental Society and Santa Clara Dental Society. She is a past president of the Northern California Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (NCACD) and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the San Mateo Dental Society and San Carlos Chamber of Commerce.  She also gives back to her community by serving on the PTA for a local elementary school and sponsorship of various after-school and community outreach programs.  She recently volunteered in a dental mission to Belize, Central America.  Dr. Carliza Marcos is a member of the following dental organizations that include: American Dental Association, California Dental Association, San Mateo Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, San Carlos Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Women Health Professionals and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.  During her free time, Dr. Marcos enjoys biking, traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Chris, and son Ricky.

 For more information about Dr. Carliza Marcos, call 650- 593- 9888 or visit www.MarcosAndMarcosDDS.com