You Must Put YOU As A Priority

Happy Thursday, March 15!

In the last newsletter, I asked you to reflect on how 2012 is going so far for you? If you missed it, take a look at the reflection questions again here: Now Is The Time For Change. If you are not on path towards achieving your health & fitness goals, I urge you to put yourself first ASAP. For many that are in pain and on medications, it is a simple, but not simple switch of your values. You really can achieve all you want in life, but you must put YOU as a priority.

In this newsletter, you will see an article called “The 6 Best Exercises For Your Buns” and a cool breakfast idea below. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I made a few more website changes. Let me know what you think and see the latest articles: www.BrienShamp.com

Have a great rest of the week!