?? Post Super Bowl Blues??? ??

Do you have PSB?

Post Super Bowl Blues?

This typically occurs from eating an excessive amount of carbs and gluten and your home team losing 🙁

I have a solution to get you back into balance…

Make sure you eat well today, tomorrow and the next day.

Be consistent with healthy food and make sure you meal prep for the next day.

Taking the time to meal prep is the #1 issue preventing most people from eating healthy.

If you struggle in this area and have for years, take action and do something different.

There are a number of different meal delivery services out there- find one that you like and do some trials.

Make it easier on yourself and simplify your life to be successful!

If you want to make it even easier try Done For You Meals (DFYM) here:


I have investigated many different meal delivery services and none are perfect, but I do like the simplicity of DFYM.

Done For You Meals​ are ingredients rather than foods with ingredients!

? Consistent
? Convenient
? Healthy
? Customizable
? Conducive To Your Goals
? Coach Approved

They have meal options for every preference, even vegan protein options!

✅ High Protein
✅ Whole Foods
✅ Salt less & Sauce-less for endless personalization and fewer allergy-related issues.
✅ No Added Hormones
✅ No GMO’s
✅ Consistent Portions/Macros
✅ Vacuum Sealed Air Tight Packaging
✅ Next Day Air
✅ Hand-delivered to your door (to all 50 states and Puerto Rico) after cooking to ensure freshness.

Given this is a brand new service anyone who I refer (my clients) will receive a discount of $2.00/meal(!)

AND FREE next day air shipping.

Say good-bye to meal prep: https://brienshamp.com/2019/12/16/doneforyoumeals/​​

If you have been trying to get healthy and fit on your own and you are now ready to allow us to help you, we are ready to coach you to success.

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