Word of the Week: ACTION

The word of the week this week is ACTION.

Action is the process of doing something. Doing anything can often be better than doing nothing.

Have you felt paralyzed by a decision or an action you need or want to make?

Discernment is very important but you gotta take action! 

You will feel a huge sense of freedom when you do!

A couple weeks ago the word of the week was PLAN. I reviewed Tony Robbins’ 5 Step-Ultimate Success Formula for goal achievement:

  1. Know Your Outcome. Be specific on WHAT you want!
  2. Know Your WHY.
  3. Take Massive Action Daily!
  4. Know What Your Getting.
  5. Change Your Approach.

If you find it difficult to take massive action, you probably are not clear about what you want and why.

Many of my clients want to lose weight and have often failed multiple times in other programs. I often explain that weight loss by itself is not a big enough goal to take massive action for very long and that weight loss is a side effect of healthy, conscious actions repeated consistently.

If weight loss is the goal I often recommend that we get specific about what type of weight loss is desired. I have yet to find anyone that wants to lose muscle, so it’s ideal to have a body fat goal and assess often with a smart scale that can be purchased for less than $25.

After we get clear about the weight loss and the time frame to achieve the goal you must get super clear on your WHY.

Is your why important enough for you to make it a priority and take action consistently?

What else do you want to achieve besides weight loss? How is your extra weight making your life difficult? Do you have trouble going up and down stairs? Getting off the ground? Getting up from a chair?

Do you have trouble with sleep? Lack of energy? Joint or muscular pain? Are you limited by your health and can’t do certain activities like sports or travel?

Excessive weight gain is often related to so many other problems, but we need to tie in the other problems, so we create the urgency for massive action.

When it comes to action, what kind of action should be done? I have created a simple coaching model called the 7 Daily Primal Needs to hopefully make the action step less overwhelming.

1. BREATHE- Are you taking the time to pause life and do conscious breath work?
2. HYDRATE- Are you drinking enough water daily? Do you need additional salt and electrolytes?
3. SLEEP- Do you have a plan for your ideal sleep schedule?
4. EAT- Are you following a specific food plan that focuses on digestion and blood sugar balance for your needs?
5. LOVE- Are you scheduling time with those that fill you up and avoiding those that deplete you?
6. GROW- Are you working on a growth mindset with daily podcasts or taking a program to enhance your personal development?
7. MOVE- Are you getting at least 30 minutes of movement and following a structured fitness program (posture, mobility, core, strength, balance, agility, and endurance) that varies over time?

Here is a presentation I gave on the 7 Daly Primal Needs model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRGKHNzUP9o

This week focus on taking massive action to achieve your goal and make your life better! 

“A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do. Nothing else.” Gandhi

Have a great week!

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