21 Day Detox Success: Increased Energy, Lost Weight, Abs Flat, Lost 2 Dress Sizes, Inner Cleanliness

I thought the only way to lose weight was to work out really hard everyday and eat the same kind of food but in moderation.  I was wrong.In April, 2007, I asked Brien, if I have to workout everyday to stay fit and loose weight for the rest of my life.  His reply is, “absolutely not!”  I have been working hard for the past several months and my weight has hit a plateau.  See, I had the workout down, but I never really “dieted”.  He again asked me to try the Detox.  I was very skeptical of the detox but I finally decided to do it.

My experience with the Detox was fantastic! I never ate so much and continued to lose weight at the same time.  My first week, I lost a total of 5 pounds. I thought that I needed sugar, salt, caffeine, dairy and grains in my diet.  I was mistaken.  My co-workers noticed the changes in my body.  My abs are flat as a pancake.  When I started the Detox, I was a size 14.  I’m proud to say that I dropped to a size 12.  I have not been a size 12 since 1995!

I have so much more energy and for the most part I’m always in a better mood. I’m sleeping much better and was much happier in general.  My blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol levels are better than ever. I used to take a diet pill named Meridia to help me to curb my appetite.  I was on this drug for one year.  After the detox, I no longer need Meridia.

I used to have gas problems.  Detox has helped me with that as well. I had much better digestive functioning and had an overall feeling of inner cleanliness. It truly helps to purify the body. What I learned from the detox is eating every 3 hours is better than eating 3 full meals a day.  It kept my metabolism going.  I had no hunger pains.

Maintaining my weight can be difficult at times, but I listen to my body because you only get one chance in life to make the most of things. Losing weight is hard and it’s not easy. But by understanding what you eat, being active, and some good ol’ fashion discipline and will power.

Thank you  Brien for teaching me that eating more, eating healthier and exercise is the key to keeping healthy and keeping the weight off.

Liz R. Pacifica, CA.