Be Better Thursday Core~Cardio Workout (2/16/23)

Warm-up prior to workout

WOD: Perform the following 8 Core~Cardio Exercises in a Group for 40s each with 10s Rest for 4 Rounds.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s Work, 10s Rest, 32 Sets*

If attending the LIVE Session, connect your Heart Rate Monitor to the CoreSync app > click on Workouts at the bottom > Click on LIVE > select Class Time and we will be able to see your Heart Rate, Workout Intensity and Calories expended.

  1. DB Squat Jacks: *Get to 90 Degrees with Squat (Hinge) & Touch Hands at the Top *Challenge to do as many as possible *Maintain Shin Angle *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

  2. Supine Stability Ball Lower Ab Corkscrew (20s Each Direction): *On Elbows in Crunch Position > Lying on Back > Lock Shoulders Back & Down > Legs Criss-Cross Independently *Keep Imprint of Spine *Lower Legs to make harder if able to maintain Imprint & Belly from pooching *Look at Abdomen *Tongue on Roof of Mouth *Modify with Lying Lower Abdominal Heel Tap or Grab Knees to Chest *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

  3. Burpees/Get-ups: *Lift Collar Bones 1” while on Stomach *Modify as needed *Chest must hit Ground for the Burpee to Count

  4. Supine Butterfly Bridge: (4:45 in Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBa-EtVvSks) *Place Feet Together > Open Knees as wide as possible *Inhale on the way down and exhale, with Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way up – Keep Belly in for added Stability

  5. Lateral Step Squat Hold with Miniband: *Start with Feet Shoulder Width *Hinge from Hips to Squat Hold > Side Step Laterally Right to Left *Get as Deep as possible with Squat without Moving Shin Forward *Go Lower as tolerated while keeping Posture & Neutral Spine *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

  6. Plank Up-Downs (20s per Side): *Start on Elbows in Plank *Lead with RT Hand for 20s > Switch to LT Hand for 20s *Relax Shoulders *Cue: Hand-Hand-Elbow-Elbow *Low Hands *Lift Collar Bones 1″ *Widen Feet as needed – Goal is to not Rock *Modify on Knees *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

  7. Hop Scotch *Relax Heels *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

  8. Prone Band Superman (Hold 2s): *Start with Arms Overhead on Ground *Drive Elbows Back & Down > Hands Should End Up Shoulder Height (Like doing a Pull-Up) *Chest Up *Lift everything off Ground with Legs Straight *Squeeze Glutes *Keep Belly in for added Stability – Breathe rhythmically

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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