5 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

By Brien Shamp
We have a comprehensive weight management program at the Optimal Fitness Lifestyle Center including the 21 Day Purification & Weight Management Program, Metabolic Typing and the Lab testing we do to individualize nutritional needs: Comprehensive Metabolic Profile Testing, Bio-Terrain Testing and more; however, at the end of the day there are some basics that must be done for general weight loss.
We live in a society where obesity or being overweight is a problem most often seen in the modernized countries. Nowadays people are more involved with their career and making money, instead of their family, fitness and proper diet plan. Almost everyone, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area works on a computer, in a sitting position for many hours of the day. In addition many of our modern conveniences like garage door openers, remote controls, elevators, etc. have been designed to make us do less and be more efficient. Yes, we are more efficient at the expense of calorie expenditure. Given physical effort is reduced and our dietary intake is often one or two meals of Processed CRAP we have created a situation. This situation is called a FAT DRUGGED UP society. A FAT DRUGGED UP society is generally one which has elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, increased risks for cancer, diabetes and additional pain, conditions and diseases. The great thing is we can halt the progression to disease by understanding the root of the problem. The solution is not that we are deficient in pharmaceuticals. Many times when one’s symptoms are treated with pharmaceuticals, the symptom goes away but the problem doesn’t. Soon another drug is added only to create more havoc to the physiology.
Here are some tips to reach your weight loss goal naturally:

1. Limit Fluids During Meals
Consuming fluids during meals hinders the digesting process. It is preferable to consume fluids: juice, alcohol or rather water 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after meals. It is okay to sip water throughout the meal, but limit to approximately 4 oz. to improve digestion. If you are not bloated, gassy, constipated or overweight your digestion may be fine.
2. Drink 1/2 Body Weight in Ounces of Water
One-three cups of water drank on the empty stomach right after you wake up  helps to prepare for the day. This is the best time to consume water because we are typically dehydrated after limiting water consumption in the evening (so we don’t get up and pee all night). 1/2 body weight in water may seem like a lot; however, the price to pay for being dehydrated is quite high: muscle and joint pain, high cholesterol, digestive issues, weight gain, constipation, headaches, high blood pressure and more. Carry water with you in a non-leaching bottle to make your daily water consumption easier and your weight melt away.
3. Chew Slowly, Well and in a Relaxed State
Avoid eating in a hurry! We all have many things on our plates these days and time can limited. Eating in hurry can lead to hindered digestion and resulting discomfort, weight & fat gain. Chew and enjoy each bite. Be grateful you have good food to eat multiple times per day. We cannot digest foods well in a stressful state. Prior to your next meal perform 1-5 minutes of slow, deep, rhythmic breaths to switch your system from a stress state (sympathetic dominance-flight or fight response) to a relaxed state (parasympathetic dominance). When we are relaxed, digestion is improved, nutrients will be better absorbed and you will function better and lose weight.
4. Eat Every 2-4 Hours and Lose Weight, Decrease Cholesterol and Balance Blood Sugar FAST!
This is scientifically proven to work via numerous research studies. If you graze, nibble, or consume small meals every few hours you will look and feel your best. When blood sugar levels are balanced the physiology is more efficient. In order to eat ever few hours you must plan & prepare. Always have food with you and avoid being hungry. Remember…Never go hungry or full!
5. Eat Primal
If a food wasn’t around 10,000 years ago it is probably not good for you. With modern technology numerous chemicals have been added to our food supply that we have to digest and eliminate. Given our systems have only changed 1/10 of 1% in the last 10,000 years it is quite taxing to detoxify the thousands of chemicals we consume (Source: Dr. Mercola). In addition, most of the food in supermarkets is highly processed which is limited in nutritional value. Eat primal foods without pesticides and other harmful chemicals (veggies, fruits, sweet potato, olive, flax, coconut oil, animal proteins without hormones and antibiotics, legumes, nuts, seeds and filtered water).
5. Balance All Meals
Always consume a balance of macronutrients in each meal (protein, fat and carbohydrate). Many will only consume carbohydrates which will lead to energy highs and lows, hunger, sugar cravings, weight gain and more. We have a very limited capacity to handle or store sugar and it is surprising to many how much sugar is consumed. Keep in mind that even fruits and vegetables are sugar, but they are much better than white flour and candy.
In order to reach long term success of your weight loss program you have to change your lifestyle. Unfortunately, it has now become fashion to take slimming pills or go for cellulite treatments to lose weight. The very moment that these artificial weight loss programs are halted, weight will come rushing back. If you want to achieve long term weight loss without crazy diets, products and programs contact me at 650-654-4604 or [email protected]
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