8 Week Metabolic Typing Group Program- Starts September 28th!

Put An End to the Confusion About What Diet is Right for YOU and Which Supplements YOU REALLY Need!

Now you can benefit from this simple system to identify your Metabolic Type (Your Ideal Fuel Source). Then you will know how to select just the right body fuel, foods, food combinations and nutrients that will enable your body to function at peak efficiency.



  • Lose weight naturally and maintain your ideal weight
  • Prevent and reverse chronic illness
  • Optimize your physical energy and your mental clarity
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Slow down the aging process

Instantly learn about the only comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle program that is specifically designed for your needs…

And receive a FREE Audio Interview, “Discover The Perfect Diet For Your Metabolism!” from the Developer of Metabolic Typing, Bill Wolcott.

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Look and Feel Your Best in Less Than 30 Days!

  • The only comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Program taught by Brien Shamp: Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor for Bill Wolcott’s Metabolic Typing Program, CHEK Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach-Level II
  • Metabolic Typing has created success with thousands of people around the world and Brien’s clients to achieve weight loss faster than ever thought possible. In January 2009, Brien was nominated Best in the Bay Area for Weight Loss by Best of The Bay-KRON TV.
  • Cutting edge information on nutrition, a personalized nutrition plan, lifestyle recommendations, scientific & real world education, and functional lab tests as needed to uncover the “root” causes.
  • Besides a customized nutrition plan, Metabolic Typing involves education on food intolerances and allergies, detoxification, preparation, planning, eating out, stress, improving the immune system, the benefits of sunshine and more.

See What Real People Have To Say About Metabolic Typing:

“After turning 30, I started to give my whole health and well being into far more consideration. I started off reading a few books and talking with a few nutritionists. After speaking with the owner, Brien, I felt that his whole energy and focus was on what my goals were and how he would help me achieve them. I took a series of Metabolic Typing nutrition classes and have felt more empowered than ever. Optimal Fitness Lifestyle Center is truly much more than a gym, it’s more like a path to a better life.”-Kashwan R.

“Brien’s Metabolic Typing Program was really informative and opened my eyes to new things that can directly affect my training and recovery process. I recommend this program to everyone, athlete or not. Thanks Brien!”– Sho N. www.shonakamori.com

“Brien is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about optimal nutrition, and it shows in this metabolic typing seminar. I would absolutely recommend it to anybody who wants to improve their overall nutrition and body performance.– Sebby S.

“Brien is a wealth of information on the metabolic typing program and provides it in an entertaining and easy to understand format. He helps you through the process. I feel healthier. I lost 4 pounds and have a better understanding of what foods make feel better.– Bradley P. , DDS

“Prior to this course, I was having digestive issues and major energy level fluctuations throughout the day. After Brien’s instruction, I was able to determine the proper foods to eat and now the digestive problems are gone for the most part and energy levels are consistent throughout the day.”– Peter D.

“Your metabolic typing class made a big difference in my life. I now really feel a difference in my overall health and well being. And I am finally starting to see some definition in my abdominals.
In recent years I have had issues with breakouts on my face and body which wasn’t helped by topical wash products. I also digestive problems and had issues with my liver. And yes, loosing 5 – 15lbs was also in my list somewhere:) I came to your class hoping to find the missing key to great overall health.

Before attending your class I felt that I must be missing something as I just wasn’t feeling good inside. I have always been active and work-out regularly 3 to 4 times a week, and thought I was eating quite healthy as well. But after taking your class, I discovered I was eating way too much sugar and empty calories. My weakness has always been sweets, so this should have been no surprise. It is amazing what you discover just by writing down what goes into your mouth:)
I had tried going to a homeopathic doctor before but, I was never given complete information as to why I should dramatically change my diet. I was just told to do it because the Dr. said so. I thank you so much for the great class and taking the time to explain further after class & by email as well. I plan on doing your 21-Day Detox soon. I tell everyone I know about your Metabolic Typing class, because I think it can benefit anyone that eats food:) And most importantly I thank you for teaching me how to listen to my own body. Look forward to learning more from you in the next class.Lilian V.
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