Word of the Week: AWARENESS

The word of the week is Awareness.Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. More specifically, it is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.

Last week the word of the week was present. By being less distracted and more present, you will generally have more awareness.

In regards to health & wellness, with greater self – awareness, we can figure out what we really need vs what we are being told we need by the so-called experts.

Have you noticed that everyone is an expert lately?

Anyone with a pulse can call themselves a coach, trainer, boot camp instructor, give nutrition advice, recommend and sell supplements. It’s kinda scary!

We love giving advice to others especially when something worked for us, but is that advice what you need given your uniqueness?

Maybe, but we do live in 2022. We now have the science to give us more information about our unique needs and we can use this information to get the results we want and deserve without guessing.

Besides really cool  functional lab tests and continuous glucose monitors that can help you determine your unique needs, working on self- awareness is one of my top objectives as a coach.

It’s also FREE!

I often say, “Listen to your body’s clues!”

Are you listening?

What has your body been telling you?

What have you done about it?

Weekly food challenge: Become more aware of how you feel before and after you eat. Are you bloated, gassy, lacking energy, clarity, etc? Do you have heartburn, skin breakouts, belly distension, cravings for sweets, constipation, etc? Are your symptoms worse immediately after you eat? How about 1-2 hours after your meal? Side effects from food can occur immediately and quite often 24-72 hours later.If you become aware that you have negative symptoms after eating this is a good sign that you should avoid a food or combinations of foods. I can help you gain more clarity as there is much more we can investigate.

Besides food there is a lot more to be aware of…

Have you noticed:

Your workouts suffer when you go to sleep too late?

You gain weight on the weekends?

Conscious, slow deep breaths or a walk in nature can reduce your stress?

You gain approximately 2 pounds when you go out to eat even when you eat “clean?”

Your sleep is disturbed with too much technology, high carbs for dinner and when you go to bed past 11 pm?

Your belly increases with more carbs, especially gluten and late night alcohol and sugar?

You have trouble eating too many raw veggies?

You gain more weight and your ankles get swollen when you are not well hydrated?

You get heartburn after eating certain foods?

Your muscles and joints hurt when your workout without warming up effectively?

You have anxiety even when there is little to be stressed about???

So much to be aware of.

Awareness = Peace and Freedom

Let me know what you become aware of this week!

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