Coach Brien Shamp’s Tuesday Core~Cardio 9/28/21

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Ideally, warm-up prior with self-massage and mobility exercises. See this post: How To Prepare For Workouts

WOD: Perform the following 7 Core Exercises + 1 Cardio Movement in a Circuit for 40s each with 10s Rest for 4 Rounds.

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s Work, 10s Rest, 16 Sets x 2 Cycles (Rest for 1 min after first 16 rounds)

**Heart Rate Monitor Zone: 3-5. Get the heart rate up during this time to an anaerobic zone (non-conversational intensity). Zones 4-5 are generally anaerobic zones. Zone 3 is an aerobic zone. Encourage clients to work in zones 4 & 5 for 10 minutes or more8 as tolerated**

  1. Hand Side Plank Hip Drop w. Leg Raise (20s Each Side): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VEK6Y3u9tM&feature=youtu.be *Start with Knees Stacked supported by 1 Hand > Raise Hips > Raise & Extend Top Leg > Repeat *Lift Collar Bones 1” *Head Back & Eyes Straight ahead *Squeeze Shoulder Blades *Top Hand Hip *Modify with Bottom Leg in Bent Position *Inhale on the way down and exhale, with Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way up – Keep Belly in for added Stability

  2. Stability Ball/Glider Leg Curls: *Feet on Ball/Gliders *Dig Heels *Bridge > Curl *Hands to Sides – Remove Hands to make harder *Modification: Bridges/Single Leg Bridges

  3. Glider Wide JackKnife (Tuck): *Push -up Hold *Feet Wide *Keep knees barely off ground  *Lift Collar Bones 1” *Body Set Up should allow Hands to be at Chest height or below *Maintain Plank *Corkscrew Elbows to Engage Lats *Move from Core *Modification: Use Elbows; Elevated Position *Inhale with rib cage expansion/belly relaxed on the way down and exhale, drawing in of the belly and Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way up
  1. Stability Ball/Hand Bridges w. Leg Ext (Hold 1-3s): *Alt Right & Left Leg Ext. *Head/Shoulders on Ball if possible *Feet Hip Width *Keep Hips Up *Use Hands to stabilize ground as needed *Breathe rhythmically

  2. Standing Band/DB’s Reverse Flys & Lateral Raises (20s Each): *Use Light Bands/Light Dumbbells *Keep Hands Chest height or lower to relax Neck for reverse flys *Hold at end range for 1-2s *Keep Head Back & Eyes Forward *Lift Collar Bones 1” *Keep Arms Straight *Draw the belly in toward the spine the whole time. *Modification: Use Light Band *Inhale on the LOAD/PULL and exhale, with Kegel contraction (engage bladder) on the way down (opposite of others movements)

  3. Beast Shoulder Tap: *Knees barely off Ground *Modify with Beast or Quadruped with Opp. Hand & Leg Lift *Lift Collar Bones 1”

  4. Prone Butt Pincher w. Hip AD/AB: *Lift Thighs > Hip AB >  Hip AD > Hold 2s > Repeat Hip AB > AD *Wide Knees *Bottoms of Feet Together *Keep belly in the whole time *Inhale on the way out and exhale with Kegel contraction (squeeze & lift of pelvic floor – should feel bladder & sphincter engaging) on the way in.

  5. Cardio

I hope that you get a chance to give this workout a try soon.

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