Baseball Hip Mobility-Do You Really Need It?

Here is another post from Coach Mike Salemi. You will see Doug, former College of San Mateo Baseball Catcher and now at UCSB working on his hip mobility. Every day at CSM when we did this exercise to warm-up the entire team, including the coaches would stop and wonder…how does he do that?

Hello Sport and Fitness Enthusiasts,

Ever wonder why you can’t go deeper in the squat? Or are having trouble with your rotational movements? The answer may be tight hips. Not having flexible and mobile hips could present a huge deterrent to much of what goes on both in the gym as well as on the athletic field. So go get that foam roller, stick and baseball out and start using them if you want to take yourself to the next level.

Check out Doug as he works on his hip mobility:

Happy Lift’n,

Here is a link to Mike’s BLOG on QuestForStrength.org