Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 4/19/13- Preparation For Tahoe Tough Mudder July 13, 2013

Belmont Personal Trainer Workout 4/19/13- Preparation For Tahoe Tough Mudder July 13, 2013

3 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1:  Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min)

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest, 12 total sets for Phase 2

Phase 2: Core (Perform the following movements for 30s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

1.     Supine Horizontal Scissors  *Count as a group *Tongue on roof of mouth *Look at thighs, not ceiling to relax neck *Crunch to increase intensity *Raise or  lower legs to alter intensity *3B’s

2.     Bridge on Hands & Feet *Elevate upper body, butt and lower body off ground *Attempt to hold for 15s x2 *if wrists hurt do normal supine bridge *3B’s

3.     Supine Sit-Ups *Elbows to thighs *3B’s *Avoid pulling on neck *Hands to sides of head

Phase 3: *Review WOD below for Phase 3. Perform each movement as a group for 30s. After review boot campers immediately transition to WOD with a partner or small group. They can get water at any time on their own.

Perform the following exercises in order for 30 minutes as fast as possible with good form. Count the total number of rounds you complete in 30 minutes.


1.     MB Squat & Chest Press-Wall: 10 *Throw Ball Hard into Wall or to Partner Across Room *Keep Elbows In *Only throw into concrete wall *Use heavy ball

2.     Prisoner Walking Lunges-Backwards: 10 each leg *3B’s *Sandbag as tolerated *Studio: Do outside

3.     Modified Handstands: 10 *Knees on elevated mat or perform in downward dog position on toes- bring head to ground *Relax Shoulders * Shoulders Back & Down *Hands should be close to mat *Studio: Can do with TRX’s and walk backwards to make inverted *3B’s

4.     Mat/Step Jumps: 10 *Start and end with arms overhead *Raise mats/step to increase intensity *2B’s *Modification: Squat and finish on toes

5.     Monkey Bar Simulation: 10 reaches forward & back *Can also do TRX Row or 30s Pull-up bar hang

6.     SB Jog/Walk- 4 Laps *Hold SB any way you can *Studio: Fence and back 2x

7.     Beam Overs: 10 *Beam unders at Menlo or over Mats if we set up obstacle course *We are not supposed to go over beams at Menlo *Studio: Over hurdles and equalizers outside

8.     Balance Beam: 10 steps each  forwards & backwards *Look straight ahead *Studio: Perform on red line

9.     Foam Pit Elbow Crawl:10 each arm *Opp arm & Leg *Crawl through foam pit *Stay horizontal *Studio: Plank crawl *3B’s

10. Monster Walk (Groucho’s): 10 fwd. & back each *Stay in low squat position with wide feet and walk forward and backwards *2B’s


Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)

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