Word of the Week: BETTER

The word of the week is Better!

Better is an adjective that describes something as being superior or is an adverb that means something is done to a higher degree or more completely.

I have been using this word a lot lately and even named our new virtual group fitness training “Be Better Today!” Given motion changes emotion, just by working out you will most often FEEL considerably better!

We may not always be at our best, but we can always be better!

Being better and achieving your best starts with your mindset. Think Better, Do Better and Be Better Consistently! 1% better every day = 1% certainty of future success! 

Are you up for the Be Better Challenge this week?

This week pick a primal need that you want to improve. 

Good: Just reflect on the primal needs that you want to improve. Every action starts with a thought!
Better: Pick a primal need that you need to work on and improve it 1% or more each day!
Best: Each day do whatever it takes to satisfy all 7 primal needs

Be better because you deserve better!

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