By January 15th 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken…

A few weeks ago I listened to a Tony Robbins’ YouTube video Tony Robbins – New Year, New You (2017 Motivation) and it is outstanding!

According to the statistics, by January 15th – 95% of the people that made a New Year’s Resolution have already broken it (and that’s for those who made a resolution).

Most don’t even make a resolution because they know they won’t follow through as this year will most likely not be any different than it was last year. Where are you with your resolutions now for 2017?

Below I have written Tony’s key points for you and for myself to look back on. I believe this 35-minute video is well worth your time and I value your time immensely!

  • Why do we feel we need to make things better, especially at the beginning of the year?
  • We need to constantly feel we are making progress- we need to grow.
  • Getting things will not make you happy for long.
  • The secret to real happiness is… Progress!
  • Progress = Aliveness
  • Change is automatic, you don’t have to work on change! The economy will change, the weather will change, the president will change, etc.
  • Progress is not automatic.
  • If you want to make progress, you have to take control of the process and not just hope it will work out like a resolution.
  • Resolutions for most people are really just a wish list.
  • When you resolve something you make a commitment to make it happen!
  • You cut off any other possibilities. You burn the boats.
  • What does it take to make lasting change?
  • Step 1: You Must Have a Vision – A compelling vision that has the power to PULL you. Pushing never works. Something has to pull you to keep going, to keep you motivated. There needs to be emotional intensity!
  • Step 2: Need STRONG REASONS to follow through when the going gets tough.
  • Step 3: Review Vision and FEEL IT Every day.
  • You gotta be obsessed!
  • Lasting change requires RAISING YOUR STANDARDS!!!
  • Lasting change is different than a goal. You don’t always hit your goals but you get your standards.
  • Everyone in life gets their MUSTS. They don’t get their SHOULDS.
  • When you make things an absolute MUST, you find a way.
  • When something inside you shifts that makes your SHOULDS change to MUSTS, you never go back!
  • When we switch from SHOULDS to MUSTS it no longer takes willpower. It becomes our IDENTITY.
  • Human beings follow through on who they believe they are.
  • There is a need to stay consistent with who we are.
  • Who are you? When did you define yourself?
  • With any limitation in our life, ask when did I create that limitation?
  • The real you comes from joy and spontaneity.
  • Raise your standards and your life changes.
  • We live who we believe we are.
  • Physical body today is a reflection of your standards. You will do whatever is necessary to maintain identity.
  • If you say you are overweight, you will find a way to be overweight- that is your identity.
  • If you say you are an athlete, you will do what it takes to be athletic and fit.
  • You don’t get results without actions.
  • Working out is a MUST for people that are lean and athletic.
  • It’s not so much changing your identity, but EXPANDING it.
  • With regards to money, many need to raise a new standard also.
  • Changing your life is a change in the inner game.
  • 3 Magic Words to Change Your Life: RAISE YOUR STANDARD!
  • We need rituals to successfully raise standards.
  • Rituals define us.
  • All the results in life come from rituals.
  • If you are fit you have different rituals than someone who isn’t fit.
  • Success and failure are not giant events.
  • Success doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Success comes from the little stuff also in every area of life.
  • People are rewarded in public what they have been practicing for years.
  • Successful people make it look easy, but they have been working on rituals that have created success over the years.
  • Michael Jordan said he had a lot of talent but the key differentiation was his high standards.
  • Hang out with other people with high standards and become the person you want to be.
  • Exercise for change:
    • What area in your life do you want to change?
    • Write down what your life is like right now in that area.
    • Ask yourself, what are the rituals you have been doing in that area?
    • What do you want? What is your vision?
    • What are the rituals that will get you where you want to go?
  • Willpower doesn’t last. Rituals lasts a lifetime!
  • Take action on some new rituals ASAP!

Be sure to take a little time out to listen to this YouTube video. It is excellent: Tony Robbins – New Year, New You (2017 Motivation)

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