Chelsea Lowered Her Cholesterol 100 Points, Drops Body Fat and More in Only 10 Weeks (FREE Outdoor Workout (Video Inside))

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Tomorrow and every Saturday, I teach a Free Community Boot Camp in Menlo Park @ 7:30 am. Tomorrow, September 10th and September 24th, the location will be at Fremont Park. Here are the directions: Fremont Park

I really do love what I do and here is another reason why….

For the last few months I have been working with Chelsea, who was home from college over the summer.

Like most people that come to me, she wanted to reduce body fat and get fit. I recommended one of my Boot Camp’s, some Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and to complete the summer with the 10 Day Detox.

Chelsea was a Rock Star and committed to the program, while many of her friends were probably up late hanging out, eating a bunch of processed foods and drinking.

Chelsea learned how to shop, prepare and combine her foods. She learned that she must eat every 2-4 hours to optimize her fat burning metabolism. Chelsea did 3-4 boot camp workouts per week and did her best to get some daily movement.

I just got this email from Chelsea’s Mom:

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your work with Chelsea this summer. I have some amazing news for you! As you know she had some blood work done when she got home in early June and was told by her doctor at that time that her blood results were dangerously high. Well, last week she had another test with the following results:

Total Cholesterol was 267 and is now 170
Triglycerides was 152 and is now 67
LDL was 158 and is now 102
HDL was 79 and is now 56

According to her doctor these improvements are staggering!  This is a huge accomplishment in only 3 months.  She has totally altered her high potential risk for heart disease, stroke, etc. These results are incredible and life changing. You have taught her so much and I want you to know what a significant impact you have had on her and her health. She now has all the tools she needs to hopefully maintain these healthy results.”

The Doctor is right…Chelsea’s results are staggering but you can do it to if you commit to yourself like Chelsea did. Docs rarely see results like this (I tend to see these transformations often and each time it reminds me that I am on the right track). Part of the problem is the faulty, non-specific solutions to high cholesterol, weight issues, etc. The other problem is that there is a failure to fully commit.

What are you doing for the next 10 weeks? Chelsea accomplished all of this in that short time. You really can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Commit to a healthy weekend! I am here to help if you need me.

Check out this workout that we did last week that you can do at any park: Tough Mudder VI Outdoor Workout

Your friend & coach,

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