Word of the Week: CLARITY

The word of the week is Clarity. Clarity is the quality of being clear and easy to understand.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with life lately: moved to a new city almost 2 years ago and still adapting, my never-ending to do list full of home projects & work-related tasks, the book that needs to get written, my kids activity calendar, endless emails (majority are sales emails), constant interruptions with texts, spam callers, social media, updates and other notifications on my phone and computer, never-ending covid discussions, always negative news by the media, politics and so much more.

When I am overwhelmed I tend to shut down and become highly inefficient. I lack clarity about what to prioritize and tend to react to life’s needs instead.

At the end of the day, I look at what I have accomplished and I am often disappointed in myself and repeat the same pattern. 

How’s your clarity?

Do you feel like you are struggling to prioritize what is really needed at this time and reacting to life also?
Are you prioritizing the needs of others before your own?
Is your health & fitness declining or thriving?

This week, prioritize what matters most…YOU!

Get your 7 daily primal needs met and you will improve your clarity, productivity and quality of life.
What primal needs have you been neglecting?

If it’s one of the top four primal needs (conscious breathing, hydration, sleep or food) focus there first.

Here are some specific rituals you can do daily to improve your 7 daily primal needs and clarity: https://brienshamp.com/primal-needs/

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