College of San Mateo Baseball In-Season Workout 02/22/2010

Circuit: Perform 2 sets for 1 minute each (9 stations, 2 people at each)

  1. Rowing
  2. D1 High to Low with Pulley
  3. Box Jumps
  4. D2 Low to High with Pulley
  5. Side to Side Hops
  6. Straight Arm Pulldowns with Pulley
  7. Forearm Flexion/Extension with Rope
  8. DB Side Bend
  9. Arm Bike/Versa Cimber

Main Strength Workout: Perform 2-3 sets for 1 Min Stations (6 stations, 3 people at each station)

Box Squats-3
Concentric Good Mornings (GM)-5
DB Hammer Curls Against Beam- 8
One Arm DB Row- 8
DB Bench Press for Speed- 3-5
Kettlebell Swing Using a DB – 8

If you can not see the video below go to: Baseball Performance BLOG

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In Fitness and Health,

Brien Shamp and Mike Salemi