Do You Know Your Vitamin D Status? 80% of Northern California Are Deficient and Insufficient.

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I hope you had a great week and had the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather if you live in the Bay Area.

I got my dose of Vitamin D the last few days and it feels great. My mood changes for the better with as little as 15 minutes in the sun. I can feel the energy being sucked out of me as I sit in front of this computer. The sun and being in nature then recharges me so I can do more 🙂

Did you know that 80% of Northern California subjects tested during winter months have serum vitamin D deficiency (less than 20 ng/ml) or insufficiency (20-32 ng/ml). Source: SunligtD.org

I learned about this statistic many years ago and it still amazes me that sunny California produces deficient or insufficient residents. Crazy stuff!

If you haven’t been Vitamin D tested recently I highly recommend you talk with your Doctor about getting this done ASAP. If you have a high insurance deductible like I do, you can bypass the Doctor and order your own test for only $59: Direct Labs. This may be the only way you are able to get frequent tests done to make sure you are in balance. I do suggest you work with a qualified health care practitioner on your Vitamin D status because too little or too much Vitamin D can create problems as discussed here: SunligtD.org

Sunlight and vitamin D. Deficiency or insufficiency has been associated with:
•adrenal insufficiency
•autoimmune disorders including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis
•cancers of the colon, breast, skin and prostate
•depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
•diabetes, Type 1 and 2
•gluten intolerance, lectin intolerance
•heart disease, hypertension, Syndrome X
•infertility, sexual dysfunction
•learning and behavior disorders
•misaligned teeth and cavities
•osteopenia, osteoporosis, rickets, osteomalacia (adult rickets)
•Parkinson s
•use of corticosteroids and more…

Here is another article on Vitamin D:

Have You Been Told To Stay Out of the Sun? You May Want To Re-Think This Idea?

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