Do you want more… OUT OF LIFE?

ALL of my coaching clients do and that is why they seek out a coach. I have coaches for just about everything these days (Spiritual Director, Reiki Master, Financial Advisor, Massage Therapist, Relationship Coach, Business Coach, Chiropractor, etc.) and my results in all areas keep improving.

My hope is that we can work together as a team to reach your current health & fitness goals and then create new ones when you accomplish what you desire now.

In order to achieve YOUR health & fitness goals YOU have to make YOUR NEEDS A FOCUS and that is often where the problem lies.

We often get distracted by other things and neglect ourselves. This is normal, especially when you settle down, get married and have children. And if you live in the Bay Area, we often get focused on work, attempting to be the best, making a difference, etc.

Of course this is not just a Bay Area problem.

And it’s okay to get distracted for a short time but when PAIN results, we need to put the focus back on ourselves. If it is not family or work that has your focus, it could well be other people’s problems. Be careful of getting sucked into other peoples’ BS, especially on social media.

As I said above it is normal to get distracted and forget about our own needs, but it is not good.

Loss of self leads one down a painful road, but that PAIN can often be a gift to create needed change.

If you are experiencing PAIN (weight gain, joint pain, stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, relationship stress, digestive issues, immune weakness, thyroid problems, etc.) these are signs that you need to do something different and FOCUS on you.

You gotta make YOU a priority to get healthy & fit!

  • Are you planning & preparing your meals?
  • Do you have a scheduled and structured workout routine?
  • Do you go to bed and wake up around the same time with a goal of getting at least 7 hours + sleep?
  • Do you spend at least 5 minutes each day meditating, performing slow-deep breathing, journaling, reflecting or prayer to get your well-needed quiet and recovery time?
  • Are you well hydrated?

If you really want more and you are ready to take action on your needs to get healthy and fit NOW, I want to help you!

I know how hopeless & lonely life is when it feels out of control.

Call me at 650-654-4604 or email me now at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me.

One successful approach to changing behaviors and developing new patterns is to get out of Dodge!

How about getting away from reality and joining me for a health & fitness retreat on Memorial Day weekend (Friday – Sunday): May 26-28, 2017?

We will be at a new, and unique learning center in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County, California called 1440 Multiversity!

I will be teaching “Finally Get Fit” and would love for you to experience this transformative weekend with me.

In my course you will discover how to satisfy your seven daily primal needs and cultivate the mindset to stay motivated day after day.

For more information and to register for my program click the button below:

Register for “Finally Get Fit”

Use code ADVENTURE1440 to receive 20% off my program or any other summer program of your choice (but move quickly because the code expires May 15th!)

I hope that you can spend this special weekend with me to find the real you that is often missing in our busy, crazy lives. Please consider coming with a family member of a group of friends.

If you come alone, you will leave with new friends, so friends are not required prior to attending 🙂 I Look forward to seeing you there!

Your friend & coach,


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