Fat Is Not the Enemy

By Al Sears, MD

Source: Grassland Beef

People often refer to the “French Paradox.” This is the notion that French people eat foods high in saturated fat, but never get fat. To me, that’s not a paradox. There’s no convincing evidence that saturated fats pack on the pounds. It’s more useful to think about the “American Paradox” – a nation full of unhealthy people obsessed with healthy eating.

At the root of this disorder is the guilt Americans feel when they eat foods they really love – like steak, eggs, and bacon. All the favorites that we’ve been conditioned to fear with the dreaded word “cholesterol.” Most sources tell you to avoid fat in favor of low-fat, vegetarian, or whole-grain artificial diets. But if you take a closer look (and avoid the commercial interests), you’ll discover that the secret to reducing bad cholesterol isn’t avoiding fat. Studies show that if you combine the right nutritional elements you can reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) as much as, and in many cases more than, the low-fat junk diets or even prescription statin drugs.

Avoidance of fat in favor of grains will increase your risk of heart disease, because diets that are high in grains promote high insulin levels. And high insulin levels have been shown to have a direct correlation to heart disease. So here’s the key: Choose the right fats (rich in omega-3 fatty acids) and healthy proteins (rich in essential amino acids).

Choosing the right fats means eating more fish and the right kind of red meat. Fish is high in omega-3s. It also has a complete mixture of all the essential amino acids in a bio-available, rapidly absorbable protein. And, yes, you can still eat red meat, even steak. But choose cuts of meat from naturally raised, hormone-free, grass-fed animals. That’s the important caveat.

Studies show that grass-fed beef gives you one of the best sources of omega-3s. What’s more, grass-fed beef has high levels of B vitamins and CoQ10, the most powerful heart nutrient on the planet.

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