Fit Body Boot Camp 10/14/17: Saturday Spartan Obstacle Challenge

We are getting closer to the Spartan Sprint at AT&T on November 18th.

We have over 175 currently on the team. 

Saturdays, we are going to be doing more obstacle related workouts to prepare those of you that have taken on the Spartan Challenge. 

You can still join our team if you signed up: https://brienshamp.com/fitness-events/ 

Here is tomorrow’s workout at our Belmont & Burlingame location: 

WOD: Perform the following 8 Movements in a circuit for 30 sec each for 30 minutes in order. 15s Transition time between movements.

Keep moving for 30 minutes- Endurance day.

No rest if possible. Learn to pace with breathing! 

  1. Cargo Net/Rock Wall/Monkey Bar Transverse (Can use boxes to assist with legs) *Modify with rope climb bridge or Ropeflex
  1. Get Across The Room *Anyway you can get across the room, but imagine there is a barbed wire on top of you and you can’t lift your head too high. *Combine lateral ape, roll, lizard to get you to the other side
  1. Monkey Bars: Get across the bars anyway you can *Modify with TRX Rows for those with shoulder issues or lacking strength or Hang for 30s (Neutral Grip is easiest on shoulders)
  1. Ankle Band Monster Walk in Squat *Stay in squat – hinge *Lift collar bones up 1”
  1. MB Atlas Carry & Wall Toss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm0kaUYuYCY*
    *Deadlift a heavy ball with good form, carry it for 3 Yards and Toss Into Wall > Pick up & repeat *Triple extension with ankle/knee/hips

  1. Burpees *Start on ground and focus on low hands- “Lindsey” *Lift collar bones up 1” and keep up the entire time before pressing up
  1. KB Farmers Walk (One KB in each hand) *Walk Across Distance of Carpet (long way) *Hold heavy weight to work on grip strength and perform fast walk *Heel/Toe push fff *Focus on grip- thumb around weight *Lift collar bones up 1” * Squeeze shoulder blades and butt the whole time
  2. SB Front Loaded Dynamic Step-Ups (15s each side) *This is a rhythmic step-up (rt>lt>rt>lt for 15s and then switch) *Use 3-4 risers and reebok steps to mimic stairs at AT&T Park *Lift collar bones up 1” *Eyes straight ahead *Feel whole foot drive into step

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Have fun tomorrow!

Your friend & coach,


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