Fitness Classes Burlingame 7/11/13: Flatten Your Abs Core – Cardio Workout

Fitness Classes Burlingame 7/11/13: Flatten Your Abs Core – Cardio Workout

Warm-Up: Floor Stretches (5 min) & Review of 3 Part Breathing & Abdominal Drawing In Maneuver *Explain that drawing in the belly, engaging bladder and imprinting the spine into the floor is the key set-up prior to all movements

Phase 2: None

Phase 3: https://brienshamp.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifPerform Team Dynamic Warm-Up 2x Each At Aerobic Intensity (5 min):

Cardio Movements (Perform the following movements 2x each in a circuit *Keep core engagement above. Toes up landing on ball of foot for all movements below.

1.    March *Toes up- land on ball of foot *Goal is stride frequency

2.    High Knee Skip *Toes up- land on ball of foot *Goal is stride frequency

3.    High Knee Run *Toes up- land on ball of foot *Goal is stride frequency

4.    Jog

5.    Backwards Jog *Lead with hips

6.    Forward Low Skip

7.    Backwards Low Skip *Lead with hips

8.    Lateral Shuffle *Relax heels *Stay low

9.    Carioca  *Relax heels

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 40s work time, 15s rest, 7 sets

Perform the following core-cardio exercises in a circuit for 40s each in circuit for 3-4 rounds with 15s transition time.

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

1.     MB Kneeling Side Bend (place mb on head) or Swiss Ball Side Bend (20s each side) *Lock *3B’s

2.     Swiss Ball Lower Ab Curls or Lower Ab Curls with Pull-Up Hang *Back should be supported by ball *For Ball: Hold something to stabilize*Start this movement sitting with back close to stationary object-move forward slightly so back is supported * Campers can just hold leg ups without curl *3B’s

3.     Side Lying Groin Plank (20s each side) *Top leg on Bench/Mat/Step/Tire (bottom leg spotting as needed) *Lock *3B’s *Hand on hip – squeeze shoulder blades

4.     Band or Rip Trainer Kneeling Straight Arm Pulldowns *3B’s *Keep arms to sides *Hold for 2s at bottom -Lock

5.     Push-Up Position Plank on Elbows *Alt Arm & Opp. Leg Hold  *3B’s *Wide feet

6.     Prone Flutter Kick (Alt. Hip Ext)  *Wide Straight Legs *2B’s

7.     MB/SB Standing Diagonal Wood Chop (20s each side) *High to low –shoulder to knee *Do your best to keep arms straight *Stop fast at knee to decelerate *Weight shift *Hinge from hip *2B’s *Move from core

Circle Time-Cool Down Stretches: 5 min

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