Fitness Training Foster City Boot Camp 9/16/13- Tough Mudder Get Lean Challenge

Fitness Training Foster City Boot Camp 9/16/13-  Tough Mudder Get Lean Challenge

3 Phase Warm-Up:

Phase 1:  Foundation Mobility Training (5 Min)

*Set Gym Boss or Interval App to: 30s work time, 5s rest, 6 sets for Phases 2

Phase 2: Core (Perform the following movements for 40s in a circuit with a 5s transition for 2 Sets

*3B’s= Draw in belly towards spine, engage bladder muscles and tuck butt

*2B’s= Draw in belly towards spine & engage bladder muscles

  1. Elbow Plank *Educate about core here (how this position is important for all movements below, but especially hindu and burpee)  *Shoulders back and down *3B’s
  2. Rocking Bridges *On hands and feet *Feet under knees *Lift hips and drive feet into ground *Lock shoulders back & down *Hold for 3s *3B’s
  3. Full Sit Up with Rotation *Hands to sides of head with open elbows- no pulling on neck *Tongue on roof of mouth *Bring RT elbow to LT Knee and switch *Wide feet- dig heels to activate hamstrings *3B’s

Phase 3: Primal Movements: Perform the following movements for 5 reps  *Goal is blood flow, not max effort

  1. Single Leg Deadlift with Lateral Glide (5 reps each side) *Step with left foot as you hinge from hip and only bend RT knee slightly–>After 5 switch sides*Keep back flat *Squeeze butt & shoulder blades and hold for 2s at top of motion*educate about #1
  2. Dive Bomber Push-Ups *Start in downward dog position–> lead with head, nose and chin and with a  scooping motion go into cobra–>reverse movement *Lock shoulders back & down *Elbows In *Hinge from the hip *Relax shoulders *3B’s  *educate about #5
  3. Forward Lunge (5 reps each side) *Eyes straight ahead *Shoulders back & down *3B’s  *educate about #4

*Review WOD below during Phase 2 & 3 above. After Phase 3 boot campers immediately transition to WOD. They can get water at any time on their own.

Perform the following 7 Exercises as fast as possible with good form for 30 minutes. Do as many rounds as possible. It is okay to go out of order. Modify the number of reps as needed. Jog/Sprint To Each Station. Put all the MB’s/SB’s in the center of the room so they can grab. Make sure each camper has a partner or small group to motivate and assist each other.

  1. Plate/MB/DB/SB Single Leg Deadlift with Lateral Glide- 10 each side *Left foot is on top of glider–>Glide foot to left as you hinge from hip and only bend RT knee slighly–>Repeat for 10 reps and switch *Keep back flat *Squeeze butt & shoulder blades and hold for 2s at top of motion *2B’s
  2. Sandbag (SB) or MB Floppee Burpees (Get down on belly)- 10 *Keep core tight *Lock shoulders back & down *Elbows In *Press SB overhead *Modify with regular burpee *3B’s
  3. Sandbag/Mb Jog/Sprint/Fast Walk: 4 laps (Approx ¼ mile) *Studio- Fence and back 2x * Put the heavy boxing bags and some of the heavy sandbags outside for campers to carry to the fence
  4. Mat/Bench/Step Dynamic Step-Ups- 10 leading with each leg *Increase height of steps to make harder *Increase speed to also increase intensity *Lock shoulders back & down *3B’s
  5. Dive Bomber Push-Ups- 10 *Start in push up position and lead with head, nose and chin in scooping motion–>hold cobra position and reverse movement *Lock shoulders back & down *Elbows In *Hinge from the hip *Relax shoulders *3B’s
  6. Reverse Grip Pull-ups or Reverse Grip TRX Rows- 10  *Lock shoulders back & down *3B’s *Perform outside at Studio
  7. 4 Square Leg Hops- 10 Rotations (40 hops) Clockwise & Counterclockwise (80 hops each leg).  Stand on one leg and hop clockwise to each quadrant (four hops makes one rotation)- You can use the rings and put them in a square. After 10 rotations, begin hopping counterclockwise. Switch legs. If fatigued, do clockwise hops on both sides then do counterclockwise. *Perform outside at Studio


Circle Time- Cool down & stretch (5 minutes)

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