Word of the Week: GIFT

The word of the week is GIFT. A gift is something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without it being earned.

Last week my son celebrated his 13th birthday. He was most excited by the gifts, but he really

enjoyed his friends celebrating with him also.

It’s great to receive gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions but…

What would life be like if you received a gift everyday? 

Tony Robbins, Performance Coach says our biggest problem is that we think we shouldn’t have problems.

What if we took a moment in quiet time, didn’t react and viewed our problems as gifts?

Tony says the only difference between problems and gifts is the meaning we give them.

Out of our deepest pain will often come our greatest gifts, but this can only happen if you take control of the meaning.


What if we played the game of life differently and we embraced our problems?

2023 would be a bit different than years of the past right?

What if we said “bring it on” instead of numbing or avoiding the problem like many do in our culture?

This week whenever you have a problem or challenge, ask yourself “where is the gift?” … “How is this problem purposeful in moving me in a new direction?”

I used to believe success and happiness were a linear path if you paid your dues.

I have learned that success or happiness is a windy road based upon WINS and “Perceived” Challenges.

Success and happiness is often the result of a consistent and strategic daily grind with WINS and Challenges throughout the day.

Let’s reconsider our challenges as gifts necessary to move forward in life!

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