Holiday Transformation Challenge (2013)- Get Fit & Win $1000 for Christmas! (Starts October 7th)

  • Do you want to get or stay fit over the next 3 months?

  • Do you want to avoid the typical weight gain over the holidays?

  • Are you motivated by contests and money?

If you answered YES, to any of the above questions, you must keep reading and commit to my Holiday Transformation Challenge!

Miriam_photoCheck out the 2012 Holiday Transformation Winners here–> 2012

Current clients of Shamp’s Boot Camps can sign up for this challenge for only $35 for the opportunity to win up to $1000–>

Register Here

Prize money based upon number of registrants, so let’s get the community on board:

1-15 Registrants: $500 to the 1st place winner of the transformation challenge

16-29 Registrants: $750 to the 1st place winner of the transformation challenge

30-49 Registrants: $1000 to the 1st place winner of the transformation challenge

50 or more Registrants: $1000 to the 1st place winner of the transformation challenge & $500 to the second place winner

Non-members can also participate in the challenge by purchasing a monthly membership. Please email us for monthly pricing–>Boot Camp Membership Options

Here are some challenge details you should know before you register:

  • This is a 75 Day Challenge staring Monday, October 7th and ending December 20th.
  • This is not a weight loss contest, but a fat loss and lifestyle challenge. Winners will be chosen based on greatest body fat loss and body composition improvement in 75 days: judged based on body composition numbers (weight, body fat, lean body mass), visual appearance (before and after photographs from 3 angles) and a transformation essay (each component counts for 33% of the score. The judges may weigh the photos or essays more heavily based on body composition test result congruency).
  • Again, this is not a “weight loss” contest. (The person who loses the most weight could be the winner, but NOT necessarily).
  • Although this is a competition with many people vying for the prizes, from a judging point of view, you are competing against yourself: You will be judged on your own personal improvement between your “before” and your “after.”
  • Contestants agree to follow the challenge rules and procedures below for uploading before and after photos, taking measurements and the final essay.
  • You can start the challenge on October 7th or any time after, however, you will not get a full 75 days.
  • Pre & Post Photos must be uploaded to my Body Fat and Fitness Tracking Software – register with this link:  Software
  • Upload front, side and back view photos (3 different photos are preferable) wearing a bathing suit or sports bra or tank/shorts for females and shorts for males. Use judgment on clothing. If clothes are baggy, there will not be a noticeable difference in before and after photos. Hold a newspaper for the front angle view, so it proves the date of the photo.
  • Pre & Post photos must be uploaded on my Body Fat and Fitness Tracking Software by Friday, December 20, 2013 to be eligible. Again, hold a newspaper for the front angle view, so it proves the date of the photo.
  • Weight and body fat will be measured at your boot camp facilities by boot camp instructor starting on October 7th or later as desired. Please schedule your location, date and time by email @ [email protected] Your instructor will send me your results; however, please take note of measurement and add into my Body Fat and Fitness Tracking Software. Also measurement info should be used in your essays.
  • Weight and body fat can be measured weekly (each Monday) so you can keep track of your results. Remember to follow the protocol–> Software
  • It is recommended for you to take additional measurements to track your progress (these can also be added into my Body Fat and Fitness Tracking Software–> Software), especially if you want to reduce body fat.
  • Lastly, complete an essay and send to [email protected] by mid-night on 12/22/12 (no more than one page -double spaced) about what you leaned and achieved from the 75 day experience, share your obstacles and how you overcame them, how you changed your lifestyle, etc. Be specific with bullet points. It is rec to work on your essay during the 75 day period, so you can easily send it in by 12/22/12
  • You will receive access to me for questions ([email protected]) so you can be at your best 75 days from October 7th.
  • My hope is that you will contribute to the community on the Shamp’s Boot Camp Facebook Page, share your challenges, success stories, recipes, motivate and support each other.
  • The winners will be picked before January 1st.
  • Additional prizes will be given so there is not just one winner!
  • To enter contest and to be eligible for prizes, you must pay registration fee and be an active monthly member of Shamp’s Boot Camps for the 75 day period.

Simple enough right? Let’s have some fun, challenge ourselves and support each other over the next 12 weeks.

Again, here is how you sign up:

Current clients–> Register Here

75 Days to success You can do it!

Your friend & coach,



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