If You Are Going For Dairy… GO BIG & EAT REAL ICE CREAM!

It was another warm, fun, busy weekend a couple of weeks ago, and filled with family activities and coaching sessions, which kept me away from sharing my Friday “yogurt” experience until now…

My kids wanted a special treat on Friday after school, so we went to the local frozen yogurt shop. “Healthy” treat, right??? Look at all the benefits stated on the wall.


I knew it wasn’t “healthy”, but my God, upon discovery it was much worse than I thought.

What had triggered me to look at the ingredients were the various healthy buzz words on the different flavors. Some said sugar free, others said soy free, another was dairy-free. When I saw sugar-free I wondered what they were using, and sure enough, it was the neurotoxin aspartame (some use Splenda which is also bad). Of course, by this time my little guy had already filled up his bowl with the toxic treat, but given the nice Dad I am, I let him eat it… this time. 🙂

Yogurt shops do have great marketing only showing their various positive health benefits but then hiding the actual ingredients in a folder. I do realize some of you just don’t care to know, and that’s okay. This blog post is for those of you that DO care and want to take control of this never-ending food variable called “yogurt”.


Most of the yogurts at this local shop and those sold at the local supermarkets are loaded with sugar, corn syrup, corn, soy, genetically modified ingredients, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, thickeners and they are pasteurized. Given the pasteurization process the probiotics and calcium they are promoting to include are questionable.


Suspect probiotics and calcium are not unique to this yogurt, but apply to all pasteurized dairy. Given the heating of the dairy products with pasteurization, probiotic quality and quantity is unknown and the calcium is fortified because the heat destroys the natural occurring minerals and proteins. Which means the calcium is not even from the cow! Might as well just take a calcium supplement from Costco, but should you even do that?

In order to create strong bones, you need much more than calcium. According to Dr. Mercola,

Keeping your bones strong is also related to other minerals like magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, omega 3 intake, one’s diet and lifestyle. My boot camp will help as a lifestyle variable (shameless plug 🙂 ). Bone building is much more complex than simply eating calcium from yogurt!

One last note on calcium, more is not necessarily better and some believe calcium can actually make your bones weaker .

Now, on the “non fat” topic. Most yogurts are either non fat or low fat. If anything says non fat or low fat keep in mind it is highly processed and should be avoided.

Yes, all reduced fat foods including reduced dairy, are processed, and via the processing, like pasteurization there is little nutrition. In addition, you are more likely to have digestive complaints and fat gain with these “Frankenfoods”!

For more on food preparation, listen to my coaching call with Nutritionist Dr. Heidi “How To Prepare Your Food To Get The Most Benefit.”

WE NEED GOOD FATS. MOST WILL GET LEANER EATING GOOD FATS. When the fat is removed so are the fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A,D,E & K). The latest trend is to up the fats to get healthy, fit & lean and it seems to work rather well. I consume at least 50% of my calories from dietary fats and I have never been leaner. I also recover from exercise and injuries faster than I did when I was 12.


The main positive note of this establishment is that they don’t use milk from cows on hormones, but it’s not organic so the cows are most likely eating grains instead of grass and other unhealthy feed (could be just about anything these days). Grain-fed cows are generally very fat and sick and given large doses of antibiotics, which we then consume.

And then we have to go over the “optional toppings” that many enjoy on their already problematic treat…


It’s like a candy store with the all you can fill up model. A mediocre treat turns into an IV of sugar with more unnatural chemicals added.


This frozen treat will give you short term pleasure and a smile, but it will often lead to digestive pain (bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea), cravings for more sugar soon after, and a lack of focus.

I share this information with you, so you can be well informed and hopefully pass it on to those who are eating yogurt thinking they are doing something positive for themselves.

I was that person. When I was 16, I often ate frozen yogurt for lunch a few days a week. I had constant gas and bloating and my belly was distended even though I worked out 2-3 hours per day.

I don’t want you to have the pain I had for years.

Now, if you are having this yogurt as an occasional treat or cheat day, go ahead and have it, but understand the consequences.

It could well lead to hours, days or weeks of pain. Many are very sensitive to dairy, are you? Try my 7 day elimination challenge here

Given the consequences for many, if you are going to go dairy… GO BIG and DO THE REAL THING!

Enjoy yourself fully and have some traditional whole fat, organic ice cream. It tastes better and there is even some nutrition. The fats will also help to balance the sugar.

For more information on dairy, check out my Blog >>> “ Do Dairy or Dump Dairy. Coaching Call with Dr. Heidi.”

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Your friend & coach,


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