It’s HERE! Registration for Little Black Dress Project is NOW OPEN!

Little Black Dress

It’s FINALLY Back!!!

Registration for The Little Black Dress Project officially opened on Wednesday.

Get signed up > get your before measurements taken this weekend > attend the zoom call kick-off on Sunday (will record if you can’t make it) > meal prep for the week > have an awesome week 1!

Here is your registration link: NEW Little Black Dress Project

The Little Black Dress Project is our Proven 6-week program for women where you will get EVERYTHING you need to succeed in looking and feeling your best.

Picture yourself waking up with MORE energy, sleeping better, feeling better, kicking the cravings, and having shed off 8-20 pounds of unwanted fat.

You will literally transform your life from the inside out…and the changes will last a lifetime.

This program will change your mindset about food. You’ll learn so much about your body and how just a few small tweaks can completely change your life.

It’s time to make YOU a priority!

“The Little Black Dress Project is on a MISSION to help women to become more self-confident, lose weight, reduce and body fat, celebrate being a strong and sexy woman.”

Sign up here now: NEW Little Black Dress Project​​

This program is even better than our previous launch because we’ve put together an “Accelerated Results” option.

We’ve teamed up with an incredible nutrition company that provides you with the highest quality supplementation to fill in nutritional gaps to give you even better results.

We have also learned a few things in the last 3 years so results will be even better.

Last year alone we worked with approximately 2000 coaching clients on their nutrition & lifestyle habits. We will be implementing some of our successful strategies in this Little Black Dress Project!

Ready to join in on this life-changing challenge and be a part of an amazing community?

Sign up here now: NEW Little Black Dress Project​​

Committed to Your Success!

Chris & Brien Shamp

P.S. Make sure to forward this email to any of your family or friends- it could change their life!