Journey to Success

“I felt compelled to write to you after reading your newsletter today. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that you have created for me to begin my journey and practice of making healthier choices for myself. I can definitely relate to the “domino effect” . It almost feels like the last 36 years of my life have been one big cumulative “domino effect”, not really being fully conscious of the “choice” I have in creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


It’s taken me this long to figure that I have a choice in my own-well-being. So much of my personal life and career has been spent taking care of others, but very little energy has gone into really taking care of me. When I did try to “take care of myself”, I’d try these terrible fad diets or inefficient and ineffective workout routines, but this never really led to healthy changes. I would let myself become overcome by stress and this would lead to various unhealthy choices for myself that ultimately became bad habits and patterns. I’ve learned the hard way that my current physical health and overall well-being are an accumulation of bad habits and unhealthy choices that I’ve made throughout my life and that in order to improve my health, I will need to make the daily choice to care and nurture myself.


It’s a tough thing to do to change bad habits and patterns, but I’m hopeful that with every new day, I will take the opportunity to practice the power of choice and ultimately create newer and healthier habits and patterns in my life. Thank you again for providing me the opportunity to learn from you, be inspired by you, and be a part of a community that encourages me on my journey to become a healthier version of me. Thank you so much!” Maria


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