Millbrae Total Body Fat Loss Workout of the Day 6/6/11- Try This Workout To Get Fit!

Millbrae Total Body Fat Loss Workout of the Day 6/6/11: TRX Triceps, Rows, Sprinters Lunges, Battle Ropes, Push-Ups, Plank, Prisoner Side Squats, Good Mornings, Battle Ropes

Warm-Up: Perform the following exercises as quick as possible with good form:

Prisoner Squats-5
Prisoner Side Squat: 3 Each Side
Prisoner Good Mornings: 10
Prone Kneeling Triceps Ext. -10
Cobra with Legs Up-10
Sit-Ups with Chops-10 Each Side
Jog: 2 Laps

Workout of the Day: Perform 3-4 sets of the following exercises for 40s:

1.    Plate/MB/SB Wide Good Mornings *Feet are wide *Increase height from chest to head to make harder

2.    Partner Mirror Cone Drill *One person is the leader and does whatever they want and the other follows-switch every 20s

3.    Pull-Ups of Choice

4.    TRX Triceps Ext

5.    Matt/Pitt Crawl *Educate to use opp arm & leg

6.    Prisoner Side Squat

7.    Battle Ropes: Overhand Grip Laddering Alternating Wave (20s) *Laddering is moving forward & back while rope is moving*Jog in place for next 20s for recovery

Cool down & stretch (5-10 minutes)

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