Word of the Week: MINDSET

The word of the week this week is MINDSET.

Mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought.

Do you have trouble keeping a positive mindset?

Do you tend to focus on all the things you don’t have rather than all that you are grateful for?

This week focus on a Gratitude Mindset and I guarantee your life will change for the better.

Start and end your day with core breathing, while at the same time thinking about 3 things you are grateful for.

Physical  Therapist, Lori Yu reviews core breathing here: Core Breathing.  Note, it can be done in any position, anywhere!

For a great morning ritual to get your mind in the right place do this breathing & gratitude combo: Tony Robbins Priming 

Life is only as good as your mindset!

We have a new program called the 42 Day Ultimate Mind & Body Makeover starting this week. Think of your mind as a muscle. If you work out your mindset daily you will create a strong body!

One’s mindset is the difference between success and failure in all that you do!

If you want a coach to support you when the going gets tough, contact us about our new program here: 42 Day Ultimate Mind & Body Makeover

Have a great week!

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