Nike Women's Half Marathon!

Are you up for joining the Shamp’s Boot Camps Nike Women’s Half Marathon (NWM) Team?

This unique race benefits the good fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.  The date is October 20th and starts at 630 am. Please note the qualifying finish time for the Half Marathon is 3 hours 14 mins. Everyone should be able to complete this half marathon in the allotted time with a walk/run or a fast walk.  This time translates into about to 14.8 mins/mile.  

Can you feel the blue Tiffany box in your hand yet? 

To ensure everyone registers correctly, please note the information below to join our group!  Registration closes on June 14th  – please register as soon as possible. 

How Members Join Group

1. Register at: http://www.nike.com/events/register/werunsf
2. Select your desired Group level and continue
3. Select Join Group
4. Search for Group Name: Shamps Camps
5. Enter Group Password: nwm2013

The registration pages will ask for your credit card although it will not be charged unless our group is accepted.  The cost is $175.

 Participants selected through the random drawing will be notified via email between Tuesday, June 18th and Wednesday, June 20th.

Please see this link for a list of FAQ’s:  https://www.facebook.com/RunNikeWomenSeries/app_251185918358353

 …And, remember, you can add a group run to your week each Thursday morning at 630 am in Burlingame – we meet at the Elephant Bar parking lot and do a walk/run for about 45 mins.  

Email me if you are interested @ [email protected]  We will probably add another run once we know if we are accepted.

Please stay tuned for more info on this race and a training plan to get everyone going – see you soon! 

Dolores Noonan, Shamps Nike Women’s Half Marathon Team Captain.