Optimal Fitness Baseball Performance Program: 8/3/09 with Mike Salemi and Brien Shamp

Hello Baseball Enthusiasts,

Today was the Baseball Performance Program upper body speed workout. The strength portion included: three way med ball chest pass, O/H med ball throws, speed bench using three grips, pinch grip rope push-downs, ring push ups, single arm FM rows, band pull aparts, an abdominal sequence and lastly upper body sled dragging. All in all, the guys’ technique is improving as is their speed, which is something Brien and I are very excited about. Without a solid foundation in technique, sooner or later you will hit a dead end; that could show up as a plateau or an injury. So my two cents for today is simply to focus on developing good form and stay dedicated to your workouts. If you do these two things, I have no doubt the weight will come…trust me!!

Here is a link to Coach Mike’s BLOG on QuestForStrength.org

Here is a video of the 8/3 workout:


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