Optimal Fitness Baseball Performance Workout w/Brien Shamp & Mike Salemi: 7/30

Hello Baseball Enthusiasts,

Check out the Baseball Performance workout on 7/30 with Coach Mike Salemi and Brien Shamp. The objective of this workout was to develop upper body max strength.

Here is a link to Mike’s BLOG on QuestForStrength.org

Here is a video of the 7/30 workout:

For our Thursday workout the guys did their pre-warm up on the foam roll, dynamic warm up, and Speed, Agility And Quickness (SAAQ) work with me. The second half consisted of max effort upper body strength work with Mike. Close grip bench, triangle DB presses, O/H kettlebell holds for time, plank, and TRX rows are what went on in the gym. The workout finished with some good old tire flips; 5 single man and one team flip.

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