Optimal Fitness Baseball Performance Workout w/Brien Shamp & Mike Salemi: 7/31

Hello Baseball Enthusiasts,

Check out the Baseball Performance workout on 7/31 with Coach Mike Salemi and Brien Shamp. The objective of this workout was to develop lower body speed.

Here is a link to Mike’s BLOG on QuestForStrength.org

Here is a video of the 7/31 workout:


A lot of new exercises and movements were incorporated into today’s Dynamic Lower Body training session.

The day went as follows:

1)Box Squat for Speed: 2 x 12
2)Kettlebell Swings
–Standard; One Arm Alt.; One Arm Alt. with Catch; Alternating + Toss Switching Hands
3) KB Handle Curls
4) HOC: Prowler, Sangbag Carries, Sled Sprints, Farmers Walk
5) Bodyweight Sprints

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Brien Shamp

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